The project group constitutes a unique collaboration between the Department of Pharmacy (DP) and the Department of Science Education (DSE) at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH).



Bente Gammelgaard

Professor, Bente Gammelgaard, Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen

Bente Gammelgaard has a Master of Science in Pharmacy, PhD in Analytical Chemistry, and Professor of Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry. She is responsible for the compulsory course in Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry, which is the project's main locus of data collection. Bente is the project coordinator and member of the steering group.

Frederik Christiansen

Associate Professor, Frederik V. Christiansen, Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen

Frederik has a Master of Science in Physics and Philosophy, PhD in Engineering Education, and Associate Professor of Science Education. He has been engaged in program and staff development efforts in the pharmaceutical program since 2005. He is currently course responsible for the Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Programme for scientific staff at the Health and Medical Sciences Faculty and the Science Faculty at UCPH. Frederik is the main supervisor for Jonas Tarp Jørgensen and a member of the steering group.

Jan Alexis Nielsen

Head of Department & Professor, Jan Alexis Nielsen, Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen

Jan Alexis Nielsen has a Master of Arts in Philosophy and Mathematics and a PhD in Science Education. He is a Professor and Head of the Department of Science Education. In the IQ-Lab project, Jan is the lead on WP2 and thus responsible for the literature review. Jan is member of the steering group and co-supervises Jonas Tarp Jørgensen and Laura Finne.

Hendra Agustian

Assistant Profesor, Hendra Agustian, Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen

Hendra has degrees in both Chemistry and Education, as well as research experience in curriculum design. His PhD focussed on students' learning in the laboratory, particularly concerning the role of pre-laboratory work. He also investigated their views of the nature of science. Prior to this project, he taught and tutored students at primary, secondary, and university levels, including in chemistry laboratories in Indonesia and the UK. In liaison with the PI of the IQ-Lab, Hendra seeks to develop a comprehensive assessment instrument aimed at integrating six domains of learning in the laboratory. He took over the leadership of WP2 and WP5. As of March 2022, he embeds his research in the IQ-Lab into his tenure track program as an assistant professor.

PhD student Laura Finne

PhD Student, Laura Finne, Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen

Laura has a background in Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry besides teaching experience from primary school through the graduate program Teach First Danmark. Her project will focus on WP3 and the student's perspectives on their learning experience in the laboratory.

Jonas Tarp Jørgensen

PhD Student, Jonas Tarp Jørgensen, Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen

Jonas focuses on WP4 and will explore what happens to laboratory skills and competencies, when students travel further in their pharmaceutical education. He has an educational background in biology and sports science and has taught these subjects in upper secondary school in Aasiaat, Greenland prior to commencing his project in IQ-Lab.

Rie Malm

Postdoc, Rie Hjørnegaard Malm, Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen

Rie has a Master of Science in Geology and holds a PhD in Geoscience Education, where she researched intersections of learning, tacit knowledge, disciplinary culture, and identity work in fieldwork practices in higher education.

Project administration:

Project coordinator Laila Magin

Project coordinator, Laila Magin, Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen

Laila assists the IQ-Lab project with project administration and coordination. Please contact Laila at, if you have any questions related to the project.